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..Testbed Building

Due to its ideal mix of spaces and classrooms scheduling/usage, a test bed on the USC campus for our research activities is selected for one research project. The test bed has a sufficient size and activity for research, equipped with unique indoor system of sensors, actuators and its state-of-the-art building management system (BMS). Communication networks are implemented in the building to transmit sensor data to a centralized server, which in response, sends and controls information to the system actuators. The test bed building has been instrumented with a number of ambient sensors (temperature, lighting, CO2, etc.), encapsulated in black boxes that generate information about ambient conditions such as current temperatures, lighting condition, airflow etc. The test bed has 64-wired sensors and 500+ WiFi-based wireless sensors (e.g., temperature, humidity, light, CO2, sound, magnetic, infrared, etc.) deployed in 55 moveable sensor boxes, 100+ actuators (for controlling lights, heating, cooling, etc.) and cameras in offices and sub-meters. The test bed is also equipped with smart meters and is part of the smart grid.